The Little Stork & My Given Name

The My Given Name books are the brainchild of Kevin Tyler who has spent the majority of his working career in the design and print industry. “I didn’t want to create just another personalised kids’ book that simply overlays a child’s name. I wanted truly engaging stories, magical characters and something that can have a real positive influence on children. My books, I believe, will set new standards in personalisation, as well as creating a bundle of joy around the world! I absolutely love creating books  and I am truly lucky to have a career I love. I hope it shows in the quality of the finished books!”

MGN has now grown into a family business with Kevin’s son, Thomas, now looking after key UK partnerships, which include major gift retailers. Fourteen successful books have now been launched including the best selling My Book of Nursery Rhymes and the popular Daddy, ‘because of you’ series. MGN now ship books all over the world to more than 32 countries. Look out for book fifteen soon – you can be sure it is already being planned…

Our central character in the first book is Little Bindee the Stork. He has been told that he cannot fly by the other storks around Given Lake. In the story he is asked to deliver a baby home. The baby will be the name of the child you enter into the personalised name field. On his journey, to collect your baby, he will meet some animals and each one will have a very special positive message. They will have a special gift or a special characteristic they will share. Maybe they know – “they are lovable” or that they “can achieve anything with hard work” or even that they “like to eat healthy things”.

The animals and the positive messages will form the letters that create the child’s given name. So the child, your child in the story, is named after these special gifts and positive characteristics. What a wonderful name! What a lot of wonderful messages that are now associated forever with the letters of their given name.

And what of poor Bindee who thinks he cannot fly?

The story of Bindee is one of escaping negative messages that were present in his early years as a little stork around Given Lake. Bindee has been bullied by the other storks and has been told he is not as good as they are. He chooses to believe the stories they have told him (that he can’t fly). These represent the limiting beliefs that we are in danger of collecting as children. Through meeting the other animals on his journey, he starts to collect new stories – positive beliefs. Finally he will learn that he is really just as good as the others, and that he can really achieve amazing things – he can fly –  actually he is a master of flying!

Those who have read the book may spot a few hidden secrets behind the story. The Pelican Postman is really the Wizard, who has come to help Bindee conquer his doubts about himself. You can tell by his use of language, that they are in fact one and the same. “Chop chop” readers!

Bindee learns something very special about his given name too. He is an Asian painted stork (found in the plains of Thailand and South Asia) and the name “Bindee” actually means “fly well” in Thai. So he spreads his wings and together with his precious cargo, he leaps from the very top of Given Mountain to make his special delivery and fulfil his own destiny.

The brand new personalised My Book of Nursery Rhymes is a collection of traditional rhymes and lullabies, as well as new modern personalised poems.

The project was created in conjunction with award wining illustrator Marianella Aguirre. The passion she puts into her work can be clearly seen in the beautiful pencil drawings throughout the book, adding her own unique style. Marianella has travelled to and lived in many countries, but currently resides back in her home country of Spain. She has published more than 80 books in her career.

So the story and wonderful illustrations are just a part of the task we undertook to get your book printed, bound and delivered to your door as quickly as possible.

Sitting behind the website, high up in Given Cloud, is a big server that now holds thousands of pages, text and characters. From the information you enter into our book order forms, and the character you select to represent your child, we quickly grab all the pages and text we need to create your personalised book. Within a few seconds this is converted into a high resolution print ready file by our servers. Within seconds of your checkout, this is fired through the cloud directly to a UK printer with a special high tech production system.  This means your book can be sent directly to the printing press without any delay at all. And not just to any old printing press; the very latest cutting edge digital machine which produces stunning high resolution colour to really bring your book to life.



The Christmas Zonkey

Our new book for Christmas 2017 is The Christmas Zonkey. A story of a little zonkey who struggles to find acceptance in his home village in Africa. When he hears a story, told by a friendly elephant, about Santa and his reindeer, he decides he doesn’t want to be a zonkey anymore. He decides he has to be a reindeer and so he sets off to find the North Pole.

In the story he doesn’t find the North Pole, but finds acceptance from a child he meets on his journey – your own child in the story. He also discovers from Santa, that actually he must accept who he is and be proud to be a zonkey – be proud to just be himself.

The hidden message in this fun christmassy story is, of course, a positive message for all kids. It has, perhaps, an even stronger significance for kids of mixed ethnicity, but really it applies to us all. Ziggy looks different, he has a speech impediment, he often feels isolated and he is struggling to find his own self worth and self esteem. Eventually he cries, “I am a zonkey!” to Santa and so starts his realisation that he must be proud of who he is and his heritage.

The book is illustrated by Felipe Van Rompaey and his stunning artwork make the story of Ziggy the Christmas Zonkey truly come to life.


www.mygivenname.com was created with the aim of providing a truly personalised children’s book that offers something more than just great personalisation. We are aiming to create not only the best personalised book, but one that can have a positive effect on children’s lives.

Positive affirmations are used to help you feel better, create positive attitudes and thinking patterns. This is a fun and magical way to introduce your child to positive thinking.

We have filled our books with amazing colourful illustrations from some of the best illustrators from around the globe. They are bought from age newborn up to 8 years old as keepsakes to treasure as they grow.  Toddlers will love the animal characters throughout the books and kids up to 8 years old will love the magical stories.

Our A to Z of Wonderful things book was launched in May 2017. A personalised book full of positives messages for each child about how special they really are. Ideal for children from newborn to 4 years old. Great as a Christening, naming day or birthday book.

The child will learn a complete A to Z of wonderful things about themselves, including their own birthstone, Chinese zodiac sign and star sign. Brim full of poems and rhymes to make you smile and warm your heart – right from A to Z!

This beautiful book includes a lovely illustration of your own family complete with parents and siblings, all illustrated by our super cute family of rabbits.

The child will be illustrated by using our little rabbit “Wunder” who represents the child in their very own A to Z of wonderful things.




Fast printing and delivery in 3/5 working days with FREE Royal Mail postage in UK

  • A magical book personalised for name, gender and ethnicity
  • Suitable for reading ages 3 to 8 years old but ideal as keepsake for newborns and toddlers
  • Printed in stunning full colour size 210mm x 278mm on environmentally friendly paper
  • The option for Standard soft bound or DELUXE hard case bound at checkout
  • You can add further books at a discount of £2.00 per book
  • If you have a voucher code you can use this at checkout

What our clients say about us

  • Exactly as described... will have hours of fun reading this again and again... loved the fact her name is included in some of the rhymes.... beautiful keepsake
    Donna, Limavardy - May 2019
  • I bought this as a christening gift for my niece. It is a lovely book with nursery rhymes personalised for her. I ordered the presentation box which is lovely too. I would recommend.
    Lucie, Lincoln - April 2019
  • I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The illustrations are lovely and the personalised rhymes/poems throughout make it so unique. The attention to detail and care to make this book really shows. Everyone that saw it kept commenting on just how beautiful and well made it was. It's the most perfect gift for a young child. Get the hard back version. It's well worth the money.      
    Simone,Hounslow - February 2021
  • Brilliant gift, have bought from this seller before and just as pleased with the quality of the product second time around. The recipients were delighted with this book. Would definitely recommend!
    Charlotte, High Wycombe - May 2019
  • This is my second order for this present as a 1st birthday gift and they have both loved them and use them most nights before going to bed! Especially love the ones with their names in them making it even more special.
    Megan, November 2023
  • This actually made me cry it’s so perfect, such a thoughtful and subtle way of putting the personalised touch to the book, hidden in the pages, I really like the option to choose the number of parents in the personalisation, so well thought out, you are genius!
    A to Z Wonderful things book - Emma, Tring - March 2018

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