Popular Given Names in 2015

Ok, so I was a little bored one evening, and I scanned the 12,000 PDF books created so far and looked at the most popular names that have been entered so far in 2015, to create a personalised book. These are, of course, not all baby names, as our book generally has a reading age of up to 8 years old. However, it is very popular as a christening gift or baby keepsake, so this data should represent a good indication of modern trends in baby and toddler names.

For my next blog I am going to look at more unusual names we are finding, but here are the popular ones issued by the Wizard on Given Mountain so far this year;

“You have a name for the child I trust?” said the Wizard…

Boys Girls
Alexander Amelia
Aiden Bella
Alfie Charlotte
Archie Chloe
Benjamin Daisy
Caleb Ella
Charlie Elsie
Connor Emily
Daniel Emma
Dylan Evelyn
Ethan Evie
Finley Florence
Francis Freya
Freddie Grace
Harry Isabelle
Harley Isla
Henry Jessica
Isaac Layla
Jack Lily
Jacob Lucy
Joshua Madison
Lucas Martha
Mason Millie
Noah Olivia
Oliver Phoebe
Samuel Poppy
William Scarlett

And who is receiving a My Given Name book so far this year? Well girls are the clear winners with 55% of orders. We also personalise our books by ethnicity to make them truly inclusive, and I am pleased to say this feature has proven popular to date with 23% of books being ordered with characters other than a European White character. We are even more proud to say 100% have been reviewed with 5 stars on our own Trust Pilot reviews and those of our partner sites.

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