Would you like to be a Brand Ambassador for MGN?

We need enthusiastic and dedicated Brand Ambassadors who can help promote the brand, earn significant personal commissions – whilst of course helping our parter charity. Remember every book sold generates funds to fight cancer in children. For more info on our partner click here

I realise it is only just the start of the Summer holidays, but attention is already turning towards Christmas here, as I plan for a new product launch. So now is a great time to get involved with MGN as a Brand Ambassador, and help promote the success of our personalised books with positive messages for kids. You will be helping to promote a product loved by those that have already purchased, and rated 100% – 5 stars amongst reviewers!

So what exactly is a Brand Ambassador for My Given Name?

Well really, that is up to you! It can take up as little, or as much of your time as you wish. You will be working entirely for yourself, and gaining commission on any books that are purchased as a result of your activity, promotion and marketing. Successful Brand Ambassadors will be given the chance to earn equity in My Given Name Limited.

How will you get commission? You will be issued with special voucher codes that you can promote, and this will separate purchases made as a result of your own activity. You will get a report each month showing all those books purchased using your own voucher codes – simples! You can earn as little or as much as you want, based on the effort or hours you put in. Remember this is not a tough sell! A great book, personalised for name, gender and ethnicity – that is very well loved, promotes positive messages for kids and helps raise funds for our charity partner. You will be sure that anyone purchasing the book will love it!

If you have great online skills and a large network of contacts, then you may not even need to leave the house! But you may also want to consider a host of other online and offline activities; competitions, exhibitions, networking and promoting in groups (social media groups and offline groups/events), leafleting, PR, article writing, advertising and just about anything else that means you are telling people about the book and other new products.

Interested in learning more and finding out how much you can earn each month?

Then drop me a line and tell me all about yourself. Let me know how exactly you feel you can be a great Brand Ambassador! Each new Ambassador will be given a promotional pack to help them get started.

Drop me a line now – I will only want one person from each area of the UK


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