The Christmas Daddy Book

The Christmas “Daddy” Book

We have a NEW Daddy book in production for launch 1st October 2019.

Following on from the huge success of “Daddy, because of you…” – we have a very special festive sequel in production.

This book will be all about those precious “Daddy” Christmas moments that create long lasting memories for any child. This will again be a “Daddy & me” type read, designed as a special festive gift for father, but to be read with a little one.

We hope it will become a firm Christmas favourite, as its predecessor was big in both the UK and Australia. A book purchased for some of the biggest celebrity fathers from the world of TV and sport. From a Britian’s Got Talent famous father, to Premiership England footballers, a Ryder Cup golfing star, to international Rugby players, here and abroad. Some very famous names were sitting reading our “Daddy” book to a little one this  year.

Here are some sneak peaks at the imagery in production now – Daddy, The Greatest Christmas Gift – OUT SOON!


Dusty and sparkly Daddy fetching the decorations

Dusty and sparkly Daddy fetching the decorations


This will of course be available in 3 binding options; Softback, Hardback & Cushioned Cover for that extra luxury feel. Prices start from £22.00 for softback.

Untangling the lights!

Untangling the Christmas lights!

Eating Christmas Treats

Eating Christmas Treats!


If you haven’t seen our “Daddy, because of you…” then take a look here.

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