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As the creator of My Given Name Books I know just how hard it is to get your work published and out on sale. I remember sitting alone, night after night, in my little home study, some ten years ago now, working on an idea for my first book. It was moderately successful in the end, but oh what a struggle! I am proud to say I have sold many millions of pounds worth of books since then and feel fortunate to be in a place to help other talented writers and illustrators. Perhaps those of you who have great ideas, but no where to turn for publishing.

Do you have an idea for a book, or perhaps a current completed book, and no real route to market? We may include your book in our range if we like it. We pay up front fees and royalties per copy for the right book. You get to exploit all our current routes to market (some of the biggest and best personalised gift sites and book sellers in the world) and we regularly top the best selling book lists in multiple storefronts.

If you would like to be discuss the opportunity then please contact me directly at to set-up an initial introduction.

Kevin Tyler

Kevin Tyler, Creator of My Given Name Books


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