The Mummy Book “Everything”

After the success of our best selling personalised Daddy Book – “because of you”, we have a great new personalised Mummy follow up book.


This very special square book is a personalised tribute to a child’s love of mummy. A heart-warming, amusing and sentimental look at just why mother is “everything” to them.

Ideal as a gift for mothers and grandmas! Even a much loved auntie. Designed as a treasured gift from a young child or children. This is a “Mummy & Me” gift that can be read together with a child.

The NEW Everything Book

Although the book is essentially a child’s gift to their mother, it does have a very cool vintage 1950’s feel. The illustrations should appeal to both mother and child.

How to personalise your book?

The book is narrated by a child, or by up to 5 children. Their name or names will appear at the end of the book with one kiss added for every child. Selecting more than one child will also make the text plural (“us” rather than me) and will change the number of baby flamingos shown in the first family spread only. All other spreads will show just one child interacting with mother.

You will be asked to select a title for the mother. This title should be the name the child typically uses for their mother or grandma. If the name you prefer does not appear in the list, then I am afraid you will need to pick the closest. We have added all the common titles for mother and grandma that we could find! Let us know if we have missed one. But we would need to add it in the next edition, as it requires coding in our software. The title you select will be used throughout the book.

You can also select from 30 character traits or interests to make the book really personal and unique to your mother. Each chosen trait or interest will have some accompanying text starting with – “everything…”. So is mummy “everything chocolate” or “everything shoes”?

    Mummy Book Shoes

As well as selecting 7 character traits or interests, you will also be asked to provide just one thing that is “Everything” to Mummy. Just ONE thing and ONE word. It might be – family, soaps, films, daddy or something else important to her (serious or light-hearted you can choose and make it personal to you and mother).

The 38 page book also depicts 7 motherly traits that we have added as standard; loving, ever present, supporting, teaching, patience, listening and intuition.

You can also add your own personalised inscription at the start of the book which should be a special message to mother from the child.

How does the Grandma version differ?

Exactly the same images and text for the Grandma book, apart from the opening introduction page which is slightly different to remove the image of the baby flamingo being born to its mother.

Binding choices

In the final basket screen, you can change from the default Premium hardbound book to a lower cost softbound (paperback) or even upgrade to a luxury cushioned cover hardback. Prices from £23.00 softbound.

If your gift is to be a treasured family keepsake, then we recommend a hardback book as they are much more hard wearing and should last a lifetime, if handled correctly. Well worth the £3.95 upgrade!

So order now and let “everything” start with your very own personalised book.









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